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We are currently SELLING the following parts:

Manufacturer Part Number Description
Calix 42000018
Sonus Networks T3SR Sonus Networks GSX9000 T3 Redundant Interface Set – 672 DS0 ports (CNS30, CNA03)
APC – American Power SYCFXR8 APC SYMMETRA PX Battery Cabinet – Empty
artel Model: 39305155030 CLEI: VLT4ACGAAA W3G DLS55VX3G-30 Artel 1550nm
Fujitsu FC9612PW11I07 Fujitsu FLM 150 PWR
Calix 42000018
APC – American Power SYBTU1PLP APC SYMMETRA PX Battery Module
NewBridge 90218931E Newbridge Mainstreet 36170 TDS3
Sonus Networks SPS70 Sonus Networks GSX9000HD High Density Signal Processing Server
Adtran Model: 1187010G2 CLEI: BVCUD09MTA TA5000, SCM G2
Nextone MSW Nextone Session Border Controllers (Genband S3) – Redundant Pairs of SBC’s – Various number of VPORTS
NewBridge 90218812 Newbridge Mainstreet 36170 OC3 LR
Adtran Model: 1187125L1 CLEI: BVL27W0CAA TA5000 Splitter V2 32-Port AM
Fujitsu FC9612SAM2 Fujitsu
Fujitsu FC9511DMS2ISS04 Fujitsu
Sonus Networks MNA10 Sonus Networks GSX9000 Management Adapter Card
APC – American Power SYBT4 APC SYMMETRA PX Battery Module String
NewBridge 90218901 Newbridge Mainstreet 36170 TDS3
Acme Electric NETNET4500 Acme Packet Net-Net 4500 Session Directors – contact us for specifics
Fujitsu FC9682CDC1I06
Nortel NT9T6505E5 Model: BCM50REL50 BCM 50 Rel:5.0
NewBridge 90286413A Newbridge Mainstreet 36170 SVC
NewBridge 90311611C Newbridge Mainstreet 36170 DS3 CLE
Nortel NTCF07GP CLEI: SNWC7G0DAA Nortel Optera 10G WT TFEC nm
Sonus Networks CNS31 Sonus GSX9000 1-Port T3 Server Module
NewBridge 90309812 Newbridge Mainstreet 36170 DSC
Fujitsu Model: FC9580L3F5 CLEI: SN03AJMAAD Fujitsu I06
Fujitsu FC9612SF11 FUJITSU FLM 150 SHELF
Fujitsu FC9511PWR1ISS03 Fujitsu
Alcatel 3HE05677AA 7210 SAS-D service access switch
Nortel NT8B27JAAA Model: T7316ECHARCOAL Nortel T7316E Charcoal
APC – American Power SYCFXR8 APC SYMMETRA PX Battery Cabinet -Full
Adtran 1702595G1 Netvanta 1234P 2nd Gen
NewBridge 90218811 Newbridge Mainstreet 36170 OC3 IR ATM
Sonus Networks SHF10 Sonus GSX9000 16-Slot Chassis
NewBridge 90218801N Newbridge Mainstreet 36170 OC3 IR
NewBridge 90286421A Newbridge Mainstreet 36170 SVC
Lucent 11058L
Sonus Networks MTA20A Sonus GSX9000HD System Timing Adapter
Avaya 700449499 Model: IP500ANALOG16 Avaya IP500 Analog 16 Module
NewBridge 90230433H Newbridge OC12 SR – Mainstreet Circuit Pack in Xpress Shelf 36170
Gnodal GX1170102 Model: GS4008 Gnodal Ethernet Switch, , 40 x 10GbE and 8 x 40GbE, Dual Management Ports, Dual PSU
Sonus Networks GSX9000 Sonus 16-Slot Chassis
FORTINET FML3000CE02SBDL Fortinet FortiMail-3000C Comprehensive Messaging Security
NewBridge 90316202 Newbridge Mainstreet 36170 HUB
Adtran Model: 1179632G1Q CLEI: VAMLX00BRA Adtran Total Access 1248V
Fujitsu FC9612H3L1 Fujitsu
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Buying List

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We are currently BUYING the following parts:

Manufacturer Part Number Description
Mitel 9109010001 ONS Line Card 12 Circuit Refurb
Fujitsu FC9681ED33I04
Nortel NTC804AA
Nortel NTTQ4047E6 Model: 6140DUALBUNDL Nortel WLAN 6140 Dual Handset Charger Bundle
Cisco Model: AIRSAP1602IA CISCO Qty (19) K9, refurbished- & Qty (19) AIR-PWRINJ5, new or refurbished
Nortel NT0H25AA
Nortel NTHW25BG
Nortel NTN440MA
Nortel NTYS20BA70E6 Model: 1230IPSET Nortel 1230 IP Set
Executone Model: MODEL18 Model 18 Charcoal Phone Refurb
Lucent TN1058C CLEI: E5PQ38AAA
Nortel NTN439AA
Shoretel Model: IP230G 230G IP Black Phone Refurb
Polycom Model: IP331 SIP Phone PoE New
Adtran 4212924L1 CAN USE MORE
Telect 00980050420
TRIMM 8273221001
Nortel NTHW06JG
Nortel NTQ700DA
Nortel NT0H15AE
Cisco Model: AIRBR1310GAK Cisco 9 Qty. 2 w/AIR-PWRINJ-BLR2 power supplies
Nortel NTHW26DG
Polycom 220040000001 Model: IP7000 Soundstation PoE New
Nortel NTHW25BH
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